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New Carbon Dioxide Tank to Ensure Consistency of Product Supply

For many of us the summer of 2018 will be long associated with soaring temperatures as we experienced the joint hottest summer on record, whereas others may readily recall the carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage that meant supplies of their favourite lagers were severely limited.

TCE, however, was monitoring the CO2 supply situation with keen professional interest as high quality CO2 is one of the main raw materials required for the production of sodium bicarbonate. This is especially important for production at our Winnington site, where sodium bicarbonate is produced in the world’s first stand-alone production plant.

In the face of CO2 supply fluctuations, TCE took decisive action to ensure sufficient supplies, by investing in a fourth CO2 tank, to supply its on-site sodium bicarbonate operation. The additional CO2 tank, supplied by Praxair, was installed and commissioned on site at Winnington.

Commenting on the upgraded CO2 supply initiative, Stephen Crabb, TCE’s Head of Operations for Salt and Bicarbonate, observed: “As the global marketplace demand increases for our sodium bicarbonate products, we decided to take action against the CO2 supply fluctuations by investing in the new, high capacity Praxair tank. The addition of a fourth tank enables TCE to secure consistency of supply of high-quality CO2 to meet all of our customers’ varied Sodium Bicarbonate requirements.”