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Ladan Iravanian Celebrates 30 Years' Service

Another milestone was reached this week as Ladan Iravanian celebrated 30-years’ service. Ladan's first major role in the company was running the sodium bicarbonate plant. Following this, she was heavily involved in the acquisition of the British Salt business. Today, Ladan is the General Manager for Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate Business.

Reflecting on the past 30 years, Ladan said 'I feel lucky doing the job I do, as I have always loved bicarb and British Salt is a fantastic business. Whilst 30 years sounds like a long time, I have been given lots of different opportunities, so no two years have been the same.  What really makes the job worthwhile is the people. Coming to work each day, working with my colleagues and friends has always been a pleasure, despite the pressures of work.'

Looking to the future, Ladan commented “I can honestly say that there has never been a more exciting time to work for Tata Chemicals Europe as we embark on many exciting investments and projects to grow the business”